Manilva has the charm of a white town in an enclave known for its very magnificent church of Santa Ana.

San Luis de Sabinillas

San Luis Sabinillas has the charm of the Mediterranean Sea with its Explendido 8 km. beaches.

El Castillo de la Duquesa

The castle, is located where there was formerly a Roman villa, with baths and a necropolis. The whole environment has been declared archaeological zone of Cultural Interest.

El puerto de la Duquesa

The marina The Duchess is the largest tourist centre of activity throughout the area. It has bars, restaurants, shops and all necessary facilities for its visitors.

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 Romeria Manilva

The Romeria Manilva has a tradition dating back more than thirty-five years (since we do not know exactly what year is celebrated). It has been held at various sites in the municipality as: The colony, tropical garden, in the area of the quarry "Utrera", or in the farmhouse known as the "tiznao" until today, that 17 years is being held at the hermitage "San Adolfo" in the bathrooms of the Hedionda.
The chapel, along with the land surrounding it, was an individual named D. Ricardo welin, that when he died, gave this land to the Parish of Santa Ana Manilva. Since then adecentamiento and maintenance of these areas is carried out by the municipality of Manilva, ordered by the Brotherhood Ntra. Mrs. Of the Dolores and Ntro. Padre Jesus Nazareno Manilva.


Romeria Manilva

The Romeria celebrated Manilva the third weekend of May in honor of the Virgin of Fatima. It begins on Saturday evening with the relocation of the Virgin, from the Parish Santa Ana, San Adolfo until the chapel in the baths Hedionda. It runs much of the village streets accompanied by the son of tamborilero, (specifically brought from Seville for Rome), and followed by many people who accompany them to walk to the chapel.
The transfer of the Virgin is usually done at times in cart pulled by oxen or a cart decorated and pulled by a tractor. Once at the Baths is left inside the shrine and prays a rosary and a chant to the Virgin. Many people especially youth camp over the weekend in the vicinity of the chapel. Installed bar and tapas bar with rations and brings a band, which brightened on Saturday, until late in the morning, and Sunday from noon until the late evening.



On Sunday at 12 pm. in the morning romera celebrated Mass in honor of Our Lady of Fatima, sung by the choir Santa Ana, today belonging to the municipal school of music Manilva. In the Mass involved large numbers of people and not just the municipality. After the Mass the person staying in the compound for lunch (on tables inside the compound or well-being brought) and spend a day very pleasant, cheerful and calm. Each year the romeria has the largest number of people who come to celebrate with all manilveños