Manilva has the charm of a white town in an enclave known for its very magnificent church of Santa Ana.

San Luis de Sabinillas

San Luis Sabinillas has the charm of the Mediterranean Sea with its Explendido 8 km. beaches.

El Castillo de la Duquesa

The castle, is located where there was formerly a Roman villa, with baths and a necropolis. The whole environment has been declared archaeological zone of Cultural Interest.

El puerto de la Duquesa

The marina The Duchess is the largest tourist centre of activity throughout the area. It has bars, restaurants, shops and all necessary facilities for its visitors.

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Tal como eramos


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It is celebrated for three days of February.


The costume and music chair of the jolgorio chirigotas comparsas and singing "letrillas curious" about the most outstanding public events. Different pasacalles walk the three nuclei of the municipality accompanied by floats, throwing confetti and streamers that make live moments of fun for children.  

PasacallesAfter the pasacalles begins different costumes contests where the fun is guaranteed prize for originality, sympathy and development of the different costumes that are presented.