Manilva has the charm of a white town in an enclave known for its very magnificent church of Santa Ana.

San Luis de Sabinillas

San Luis Sabinillas has the charm of the Mediterranean Sea with its Explendido 8 km. beaches.

El Castillo de la Duquesa

The castle, is located where there was formerly a Roman villa, with baths and a necropolis. The whole environment has been declared archaeological zone of Cultural Interest.

El puerto de la Duquesa

The marina The Duchess is the largest tourist centre of activity throughout the area. It has bars, restaurants, shops and all necessary facilities for its visitors.

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Atracciones de feria Pasacalles Alumbrado de feria


Alumbrado de feria

In August celebrated our Grande Fair opens with parades of floats and pasacalles where confetti and streamers charged prominence through the streets of the town. Later the party moves to a modern campus where the little ones enjoy the greatest attractions and a glass of wine together for a while with friends at different booths.

The first act is the traditional firing of the fairgrounds where the municipal authorities to come by and opened the festival proceed with the appointment of the Ladies and Queens of the parties where girls and women manilveñas prettier look their best galas filled with joy and enthusiasm .

Alumbrado de feria

Large concerts are multitudinous and the surrounding this event where singers embodied the music often accompany us as were Los del Rio, Ricky Martin, Luz Casal, Manu Tenorio, David Civera, Carlos Baute, Camela, El Arrebato ...